earClin earshower

Quick, easy and safe – clean ears for the whole family
earClin earshower for Kids

Excess ear wax can increase the presence of bacteria, causing ear infections and discomfort to your child. Use earClin earshower: 
quick, easy and safe! 


Suitable for Daily use

earClin earshower for Adults

Excess ear wax
can impede your hearing. 
Use earClin earshower: 
easy, gentle and effective!


Suitable for Daily use

How to use earClin earshower?

Fill: Squeeze the suction bulb to draw up lukewarm water (max 40⁰C). The water will mix with the soap contained in the lower part of your earClin earshower.

Rinse: Tilt your head, to the right, place the nozzle of the earClin earshower at the entrance of the ear canal and squeeze. Let the soapy solution soften the ear wax and tilt your head back to drain your ear. Repeat on the opposite ear

Dry: Use the empty earClin earshower to gently blow air into the ear canal until dry.


The quick, safe and easy way to clean your ears. Cleaning ears has never been so easy!

Squeeze, rinse, dry – done!

We recommend you use the earClin earshower every other day. Repeat the procedure three times on each occasion. The blue soap will last around 30 applications. Replace your earClin earshower once the soap has run out.

Warning: Rinse several times with water before using for the first time. Only use clean and lukewarm water (max. 40°C). Only use the earClin earshower to clean the ear canal. Do not use the earClin earshower if you have an inflamed ear canal or a perforated eardrum.

Hygiene notice: Please use within 8 months after first use.

  • Spray nozzle

    Spray nozzle

    Place the spray nozzle at the entrance of the ear canal. It’s shape and size stops you from accidentally pushing the earClin earshower too far into your ear.

  • Gentle and effective soap

    Gentle and effective soap

    When mixed with lukewarm water, the ingredients contained in the earClin earshower produce a gentle but effective, soapy solution. The soap stick inside the tube not only facilitates the cleaning process but also indicates how much longer the earClin earshower device can be used for. The blue soap will disappear after about 30 days. 

  • Suction bulb

    Suction bulb

    Use the suction bulb to draw lukewarm water up into the earClin earshower and to gently release it into the ear canal. Then use the empty earClin earshower to blow air into the ear canal, removing any remaining moisture.

Download the instructions for use here