earClin earshower: Squeeze, rinse, dry – done!

Make earClin earshower part of your personal hygiene routine. Why not use in in the shower? Every earClin earshower box contains a holder with a suction cup that allows you to stick it on any tiled surface. Simply rinse both ears three times, every other day and that’s it!

Blocked ears? A common problem.

The amount of cerumen (earwax) produced in the ear varies from person to person. And some simply produce too much. earClin earshower is an efficient way of preventing the ear canal from becoming blocked with cerumen. Numerous tests supervised by ENT specialists have shown that the device is most effective when used every other day – three short rinses of each ear is all it takes.

Itching ears? earClin Itch smooths and soothes the dry skin

Your ears are extremely sensitive and important: they absolutely deserve your care and attention. 25% of people suffer from itching in the ear. The oil in the earClin Itch Spray smooths and soothes the dry skin in the ear canal and thus relieves the itching. This reduces the tendency to scratch and prune.

Why not use cotton buds?

Cleaning the ear canals with cotton buds is in fact counterproductive, as you tend to push significant quantities of wax further in. And if you insert the bud too far, you run the risk of perforating your eardrum.

Perfect for people who wear hearing aids and in-ear headphones!

Hearing aids and in-ear headphones seal off the ear canal, stimulating ear wax production and at the same time pushing the ear wax further in. Using earClin earshower provides easy and instant relief and in fact increases the lifespan of your hearing aid and headphones.

Kids love the earClin earshower!

Your child’s ears should be cleaned regularly but gently. The earClin earshower Kids was developed for children age 3 and older. Obviously, the procedure should always be performed by an adult. And remember, the earClin earshower was not designed to be a mini water pistol – just keep it well out of your kids’ reach.

See a specialist when necessary.

Using an earClin earshower is a bit like brushing your teeth: it does not mean you do not have to visit your dentist, or in this case ENT specialist, anymore. Especially if you are wearing a hearing aid, do continue consulting a professional, also on any earwax issues you may have.

Divers, open your ears!

The underwater world is fascinating and more and more people wish to experience it. Today’s diving equipment is perfect but due to pressure, salt crystals develop deep inside the ear – way out of reach of cotton buds and similar implements. That is where earClin earshower offers a solution: simply use it after each dive to rinse your ears.