earClin earshower

Quick, easy and safe - clean ears for the whole family

Prevent infections and improve your hearing:
Use the soapy solution in earClin earshower to simply flush out excess ear wax.

Available in an adult and kids version

earClin Spray 3in1

earClin Spray 3in1, a painless and safe way to care for your ears.
  1. Cleans the ear canal
  2. Relieves and prevents itching
  3. Removes excess ear wax

earClin Itch

Itching in the ear canal, caused by dry skin, helps to prevent swimmer’s ear and excessive wax. Also suitable for carriers of hearing aids and Earplugs.

Benefits and features of earClin itch®

  • Easy-to-use dosing spray
  • Suitable for carriers of hearing aids
  • Helps to prevent swimmer's ear
  • 100% natural oils
  • 20ml is good for about 200 sprays



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