earClin Spray 3in1

Do you suffer from excessive ear wax or itching? earClin Spray 3in1 helps! earClin Spray 3in1 is a painless and safe way to care for your ears. The spray removes excess earwax from the external ear canal. The 3in1 spray also contributes to the desired ear hygiene and has a cleansing and caring effect. It also relieves and prevents itching in the external ear canal.
Complete product
  1. Cleans the ear canal
  2. Relieves and prevents itching
  3. Removes excess ear wax

Adults: 1-2x per day, one spray per ear. Children from 12 years: 1x per day, one spray per ear. If necessary, the ear spray can be used for a longer period of time. Without interruption use up to 30 days. 

earClin Spray 3in1 Easy & Fast

Remove earwax and itching with earClin Spray 3in1

Cleans the ear canal

earClin Spray 3in1 cleans the ear canal and supports the hygiene of the ear, eg after wearing hearing aids and earplugs. It supports the healing capacity of dry skin in the ear canal.

Relieves and prevents itching

earClin Spray 3in1 soothes and soothes (dry) skin in the ear canal - for example as a result of excessive earwax or ear canal inflammation - and therefore provides relief from itching.

Removes excess ear wax

earClin Spray 3in1 softens and removes ear wax and thus promotes its natural drainage. With regular use, the Ear Spray prevents the development of an earwax plug - which can cause a clogged feeling in the ear.

Benefits and features of earClin Spray 3in1

  • Cleaning the external ear canal
  • Relieves and prevents itching and irritation in the ear
  • Removes excessive ear wax
  • Easy to use ear spray
  • Ideally suited for wearers of hearing aids and ear plugs
  • 20ml is good for ± 200 sprays

earClin Earspray 3in1 contains caring ingredients so that the skin in the ear canal remains intact and healthy. For this we have added the following ingredients to the spray:

  • Camomile
  • Calendula
  • Eugenia

Download the instructions for use here