earClin Itch

Itching in the ear canal, caused by dry skin, helps to prevent swimmer’s ear and excessive wax. Also suitable for carriers of hearing aids and Earplugs.

  • Easy-to-use dosing spray
  • Suitable for carriers of hearing aids
  • Helps to prevent swimmer's ear
  • 100% natural oils
  • 20ml is good for about 200 spray



earClin earshower

Quick, easy and safe - clean ears for the whole family

Prevent infections and improve your hearing:
Use the soapy solution in earClin earshower to simply flush out excess ear wax.

Available in an Adult and Kids version

earClin earshower Kids & Adults

earClin earshower for Kids

Excess ear wax can increase the presence of bacteria, causing ear infections and discomfort to your child. Use earClin earshower: 
quick, easy and safe!

earClin earshower for Adults

Excess ear wax
can impede your hearing. 
Use earClin earshower: 
easy, gentle and effective!

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